32" Paiste Symphonic Gong on Unlimited One Stand

Unlimited & Paiste


This gong and stand combo comes with a Paiste M5 Mallet.

The Paiste 32" Symphonic Gong comes with this amazing and great looking red oak wooden gong stand that can come apart easily for travel. It is finished in a durable satin lacquer that looks incredible and is strong.

If you are interested in this with 30" or 34" gong instead, please call us at 402-474-GONG or contact us here.

The Unlimited One Gong Stand was designed and manufactured by a midwestern craftsman in the US, who was an editor at Fine Woodworking magazine in the Cosby Show Years of the 1980s, and wrote The Complete Woodworker’s Companion. The semi-circle design is both aesthetically pleasing, as it echoes the circle of the gong, and strong as it is part of the verticals, allowing no wobble.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Height: 60"
Width: 48"
Inside Width: 38"
Depth of Feet: 19"

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