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7" Shiny Table Tai Loi Gong with Stand



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This gorgeous gong comes with a gong mallet and stand!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a pretty gong, but it is made of brass NOT bronze, like traditional Chinese Gongs, and so it sounds more bright and tinny.

The Tai Loi is a traditional Chinese ideogram that has been put on gongs for many years. It is a blessing or prayer which can be loosely translated into English as "The Bad will Depart, the Good shall Arrive" or more simply: "Happiness Has Arrived."

Our Tai Loi Wind Gongs are made of bronze, from gongmakers in Wuhan, China. Our Shiny Table Tai Loi gongs are made of brass, in Taiwan. They are a lighter metal and have a crashier, brassier tone.


What's wrong with a little happiness arriving?! Absolutely nothing. Especially with the sweet sound of the 7" Tai Loi Gong. It is the little miracles, the small kindnesses that do a heart and a soul good in the midst of difficult, sad or lonely times.

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