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Aceto 40" Gaia Gong (Special Offer)

Shawn Aceto


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This listing does not come with a mallet.

Aceto 40" Gaia Gong (#GAES44-CS)

Imagine the Earth in its early stages, transforming, becoming, evolving, birthing life, giving birth to you. This gong wants to connect you with the energy of the great Mother of all life. It will help to pull your head out of the stratosphere, away from the emails and the unread notifications and remind you that life is inside of you, that we are all children and that we must nurture ourselves.

This one arrived to us with some minor scratches on the face. They're very small and they won't affect the sound of the gong, but we've discounted this gong just for you. See the end of the video above (at 5:58) to see details about these scratches.

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