Astral Reflection Gong Stand for 32" to 40" Gongs



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The Astral Reflection Gong Stand reflects the face of humanity while bringing forth the spirit of the gong. Chrome is reflective, not only of the physical body but also of you as a spiritual being. It represents the image humanity, as a whole, would like to reflect: an image of cleanliness, simple beauty, and utilitarianism. We are valuable creations of the Divine Instigator and are ready, okay almost ready, to join the Galactic Federation.

This is a stand that glides, that goes with the flow: it has locking wheels giving the gong an option to find stillness or be on the move, for busy individuals or organizations who wish to share the reverberations of their gong with others in offices, yoga studios, high schools, or anywhere else people move and change and evolve quickly within our post-modern societal flow.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Length: 50"
Height: 54.5"
Inside Length: 48"
Inside Height: 52"
Depth of Feet: 24"

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