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Biosonics Set of 11 Planetary Tuning Forks with Wooden Base



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This listing comes with 11 planetary tuning forks and a wooden base for storing your tuning forks.

How To Hold and Tap Your Tuning Forks from John Beaulieu on Vimeo.

Use the Biosonics Set of 11 Planetary Tuners with your astrological chart and current planetary relationships in tandem to bring personal growth and meditation on a deeper level during your bodywork and acupuncture sessions. Create a sympathetic resonance between yourself and the planets, consciously directing the energy of each planet for well-being, emotional and spiritual health.

Planets and Fork Tunings:

Sun 252.44 Hz
Mercury 282.54 Hz
Venus 442.46 Hz
Earth 272.2 Hz
Moon 420.88 Hz
Mars 289.44 Hz
Jupiter 367.16 Hz
Saturn 295.7 Hz
Neptune 422.88 Hz
Uranus 414.72 Hz
Pluto 280.5 Hz

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