Brisk Wind Gongs



This listing comes with a gong and a mallet.

Brisk Wind Gongs are a non-traditional style. It is made more like a cymbal, and therefore has a more present and easily accessible crash and splash.

It is great for celebratory situations, or when you want a big loud noise fast. It is not a subtle gong with many flavors. However a lot of people love it for events, as doorbells, as gongs for bars, restaurants, or sports matches. Other people love it for intense gym workouts, narcoleptic dance marathons, training your dog to have a Pavlovian response, and as a way to come out to your family at Thanksgiving that you are a percussionist.



The 22" Brisk Wind Gong

Classic. Simple. Loud. When you are looking for a bright crash of a gong to make a lot of noise, for not a lot of money, this BRIGHT EXCITEMENT GONG is it.

This is a great price for a 28" Brisk Wind Gong.

Sometimes, in the game of Ultimate Metal Frisbee that we call gong importing, the craftmen in China toss us some musical such a great price!

With such finesse

That we wake up at 5 a.m.
Still in our Alice Cooper pajamas
and catch these gongs


P.S. - You can also play it quietly.

The 34" Brisk Wind Gong is lighter and thinner than oour other Chinese Wind Gongs. Because they're made of less, we sell them for less.

If you're looking for a good deal on a sweet stand, with some visual imperfections, we suggest the Imperfect Unlimited Revelation Gong Stand to hold this gong.

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