Chromatic Set of 13 Small Thai Gongs (C5 to C6)



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This listing comes with a set of 13 tuned Thai gongs and two mallets.

This set has been hand tuned to the chromatic scale of 13 notes from C5 (5th octave) to C6 (6th octave). They are small gongs (to accomplish such a high range) with clean, clear meditative sounds.

Because they are tuned, they are perfect for the musician and the sound therapy practitioner alike. This one of a kind set was put together just for you. Listen to the set in our video above and decide if it's for you! We think you're going to love it. It has brightness, it has zest, it has spice, it's like a delicious larb moo.

Approximate Gong Diameters: 4" to 5.5"

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