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ONLY ONE LEFT! Thai Molam Gong Mallets



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This listing is for one Thai Molam Gong Mallet.

Note: These Thai Molam Mallets come in different colors but are listed by the size. AND NOW WE ARE SOLD OUT OF THE LARGE SIZE AND WILL NOT BE GETTING ANY MORE.. SORRY! If you have a specific color you're interested in, please put it in the notes for your order, but we cannot guarantee that any one color will be available at any time.

These beautiful mallets are straight from Thailand to your perfect hands and gongs. Featuring a woven, colorful head and a wooden handle with a dark finish and a gentle contour, these mallets are the perfect mix of aesthetic joy and utilitarian practicality.

They are everything you need, everything you want, they are like a psychedelic ripple through your desire lines. They are great for Thai nipple gongs, but they work on other gongs too, providing beautiful, clean tones.

See the video above to hear these mallets in action on various gongs.

Thai Molam Gong Mallets - Small
Length: 9"
Head: 3"
Diameter: 4"
Handle: 6"

Thai Molam Gong Mallets - Medium
Length: 9"
Head: 3"
Diameter: 5"
Handle: 6"

Thai Molam Gong Mallets - Large
Length: 10"
Head: 3"
Diameter: 6"
Handle: 7"

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