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Deep Space Gong Mallets

Deep Space


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This listing includes one gong mallet.

Travel across galaxies with the new Deep Space Gong Mallet! These mallets feature a layer of soft fabric wrapped around a heavy rubber core, attached to a wooden handle.

We recommend this mallet for gongs 22" and above, Chinese or German style. They produce a deep tone without a hard attack and generate great resonance and harmonic overtone builds without a fast crash.

This mallet is great for spiritual healers, sound therapists, yoga instructors, or anyone working with gongs in their mindfulness practice. Cash in your one way ticket to deep space and add one to your sound healing practice today!

Mallet Measurements:
Length: 13.75"
Head Diameter: 3.5"
Handle Thickness: 0.75"
Weight: 7.5 oz

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