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Dragonfly Mallets are soft-headed with a strong center. Great for gongs!

Dragonfly Percussion began with this fellow, Dinesh Joseph, tapping and wrapping in a back hallway workshop at the extremelyfancypants Julliard School de Musique in 2000. His Magic Flute bell sticks were soon the talk of the town. And so it goes and goes and goes. The oldest story in the book. Sticks upon sticks upon mallets were created to massage a melange of percussive instruments.

Over the last 10 years Dragonfly, true to it's name, has zipped in and out of business as life and mating seasons allow. And once again, 14 years after conception, here they are, buzzing back with a joyous colorful collection of mallets, now with Jeannine, Dinesh's wife in charge.

Thanks to the feminine power burst of Jeannine Dragonfly - they're organized, timely and ready to rock, and jazz, and classical, and pop! All to the beat of Jeannine's business mind and magical womb.

Swing away all you kids, retirees and those who march to different beats! Play on!



Dragonfly Mallet for Small Nipple Gongs

Mallet Notes from Dragonfly: "Low-profile synthetic rubber core on a hickory handle covered in single layer of fleece. This stick is specifically designed for tuned nipple-gongs (best for gongs 10-18” in diameter).

"Great clarity, immediate response with minimal tick. Light enough for good maneuverability and heavy enough for a full-bodied sound."

Mallet Measurements:
Head Width: 3.25"
Head Height: 1.25"
Total Length: 13.5"
Weight: 6.8 oz

Dragonfly Mallet for Large Nipple Gongs

Mallet Notes from Dragonfly: "Low-profile synthetic rubber core on steel-pipe handle. Specifically designed for large tuned nipple gongs (best for gongs 14” or larger) this stick is also a terrific tam beater.

"Super fast response with very clear articulation. Use two of these for powerful tam rolls."

Mallet Measurements:
Head Width: 4"
Head Height: 1.5"
Total Length: 14.5"
Weight: 1 lb 5 oz

Dragonfly Mallet with Steel Core for Tam Tams

Mallet Notes from Dragonfly: "Solid steel core on aluminum handle. Covered in numerous layers of felt and fleece with a harder and softer side. This diminutive stick packs a surprising amount of punch.

"The double sided design gives it a huge dynamic range—hard side is ideal for soft notes, providing lots of lows with great articulation and projection; soft side is great for loud notes, giving even finicky tams excellent “bloom.” Great go-to stick."

Mallet Measurements:
Head Width: 3"
Head Height: 2"
Total Length: 14.25"
Weight: 1 lb 1 oz

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