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Elizabeth Warren For President Commemorative Coin



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One day the US Mint will catch up, and having women on coins will be normal, but until then, The Progressive Mint is the place to get them!

Diameter - Approximately 1.75 inches. (1 and 3/4th inch)xx
Thicknesse - Approximately 0.125 inches (1/8th inch)
These coins are Iron with 24k gold plating

This inspiring coin is one you will want to have for yourself as well as share with your friends.

The front of this coin has a powerful image of Elizabeth Warren with an American Flag backdrop. Arched around her are the words, Elizabeth Warren for President - 2020 On the back, the Eagle that is the Seal for the President of the USA, with the arched words, The 46th President of the United States... MUST BE A WOMAN. And not just any woman, one that will stand up for the poor, the middle class, all the races, sexual identities. We need a woman that will help the country regain its senses and progress forward. We hope you like this coin and the sentiment.

Please note: 20% of our profits are donated to Progressive Causes. Any questions, please ask.

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