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6" Flower of Life Kyeezees (Burma Bells)



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This listing comes with an appropriately sized mallet.

Note: The Kyeezee features harmonics and overtones that are difficult to pick up in our video and audio recordings below because of their higher pitch.

The Kyeezee is a traditional Burmese triangular metal plate chime. It features elaborate curved lines and a bright, clear, bell-like tone. They're untuned, so the pitch varies from one Kyeezee to the next.

They've been printed to feature the Flower of Life symbol on both sides, so you can see the image as the bell spins. The origin of this symbol can be traced back to the second millennium B.C. The shape is created by six intersecting circles around a seventh central circle, forming a hexagon around the central point.

Many people who use Sacred Geometry have found the Flower of Life symbol aids in meditation. They see the blueprints to Creation in the Sacred Geometry, the repeated patterns in nature and existence - As Above, So Below - and can meditate on the images to gain answers to questions about the Universe and their own nature. The Flower of Life has appeared throughout history and in many cultures.

Item Measurements:
Length: 6.5"
Height: 4.5"

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