Gong Consciousness by Jain Wells, Ph.D



Gong Consciousness by Jain Wells, Ph.D. is a resource for gong sound healing practitioners, those who want to integrate gong sound healing with other healing modalities, and those who are just beginning to use the gong to support family and friends.

Jain Wells has worked as a transpersonal psychologist and therapist for over 18 years. Her approaches to healing use many modalities to stimulate change at the emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual levels. In 2015 she discovered the power of the gong when her daughter was going through several serious health issues including an opioid addiction and an ovarian tumor. This led to two years of gong sound healing research with a variety of participants. 

Gong sound waves create a meditative state and physically enter the body affecting change at the cellular and quantum level. With the gong, transformation and a remembering of one's true self full of compassion, equanimity and love is possible.

Explore the possibilities for yourself and share it with others with Gong Consciousness.

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