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SPECIAL OFFER - Gongland 36" Old Wise Earth Gong (#19192)



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This gong does not come with a mallet. Offer comes as-is. We cannot accept returns on these specially priced, one-time offers.

Gongland's 36" Old Wise Earth Gong holds the secrets of the Earth, buried deep within the molecular, metallic structure of the gong. It calls forth a deep, cavernous, earthy sound, wrapping the player in the arms of the Old Wise Earth itself, bringing forth grounded feelings. If you're looking to feel nurtured and embraced, this is the gong for you, with it's deep tones.

Occasionally, we receive gongs with minor imperfections from the manufacturing or shipping process. When there's a gong that sounds amazing but has some blemishes or imperfections, we price it specially for you!

This one came to us with some small scratches and blemishes in the metal of the rim and face. It still sounds great though! Listen to the full video above to see and hear this great offer! Conoley plays the gong first and then describes the issue (at 4:55 in the video).

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