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Gongland 42" Old Wise Earth Gongs



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This gong does not come with a mallet.

Note: Each 42" Old Wise Earth Gongs is unique. We won't get more exactly like this one once it sells, but we will eventually get more 42" Old Wise Earth Gongs. Review the video to see if this one is for you.

Gongland 42" Old Wise Earth Gong (#APCW18)

Gongland's 42" Old Wise Earth Gong holds the secrets of the Earth, buried deep within the molecular, metallic structure of the gong. It calls forth a deep, cavernous, earthy sound, wrapping the player in the arms of the Old Wise Earth itself, bringing forth grounded feelings. If you're looking to feel nurtured and embraced, this is the gong for you, with it's deep tones.

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