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Gongland Multi-Gong Stand for 20" to 32" Gongs (up to 4) with Wheels (Special Offer)



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This listing comes with one stand with wheels and adjustable hooks for up to 4 gongs.

Please Note: These stands were blemished and scuffed in shipping to us. The stands are still fully functional, but there are enough blemishes and marks that we decided to offer to you at a discount.

See this gong stand in action with four large gongs:

Gongland has done it! They've designed the answer to the four-gong-problem. You don't have to wonder "where will I hang all four of these gongs?" any longer. This stand was made just for you.

The pieces are made of tube steel, with 8 adjustable sliding hooks for multiple gong configurations. And it has wheels, so you can maneuver this big stand to the best location for you. Get this discounted specialty stand quickly, while it lasts!

Gong Stand Measurements:
Height: 75"
Length: 89"
Depth: 28"

Learn to assemble this stand from our Assembly Wizard, Joshua!

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