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Hand-Picked (Tuned) 5.5" Kyeezee (Burma Bell) - A5 (432 Hz)



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This Kyeezee comes on a string with an appropriately sized mallet.

Note: The photo shows an example of what our Kyeezees look like. This listing comes with one Kyeezee only. See this specific kyeezee in the video below.

The Plain Kyeezee (Burma Bell) is a triangular shaped metal plate chime with elaborate curved lines and a bright, clear, golden tone. They are beautiful in look and sound. They're the perfect accent to gongs and singing bowls for sound baths and sound therapy sessions.

These instruments are not hand-tuned. When we receive them, they come in a range of tones, some which line up with standard pitches and others which deviate. We went through our collection of Kyeezees, listening to each one, to find a perfectly pitched Kyeezee tuned according to A:432Hz tuning. This Kyeezee hand-picked, ear-curated, and specially cared for.

Kyeezee Details:
5.5" Kyeezee: A5 (from 432 Hz)

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