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Hand-Picked (Tuned) 6" Baby Kyeezee (Burma Bell) - B♭5 (432 Hz)



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This Kyeezee comes on a string with a wooden Kyeezee striker.

Note: The photo shows an example of what our Kyeezees look like, but not the exact Kyeezee you will receive.

Kyeezees, or Burma Bells, are a type of bronze plate-bell traditionally used in temples. These bells come from Burma and are used in Gamelan and ceremonial temple music. They have a beautiful, bright, bell-like sound.

These instruments are not hand-tuned. When we receive them, they come in a range of tones, some which line up with standard pitches and others which deviate. We went through our collection of Sweet Baby Kyeezees, listening to each one to find a perfectly pitched Kyeezee tuned according to standard A 432 Hz tuning. This Kyeezee has been hand-picked, ear-curated, and specially cared for.

Kyeezee Details:
6" Kyeezee: B5 (B flat 5) (A 432 Hz)

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