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Healing Sound Gong Essences by Sheila Whittaker

Sheila Whittaker


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You are buying the essence that is made from the gong you choose, not the actual gong.

Healing Gong Essences are created and prepared by Sheila Whittaker, long time sound healer and teacher. We are pleased to offer them to you.

The idea for the Healing Sound Gong Essences was conceived by Sheila and two other sound healers. Currently, five gong essences are being made, using the energies from gongs that Sheila uses in her healing work. Each essence is prepared by Sheila in a sacred ceremony.



The Encouragement Gong is a unique and beautiful gong made circa 2006 by Master Paiste Gongmaker, Walter Meyer. Clearly making its presence felt, this gong is playful and insistent, encouraging us to be the best we can be, and to take opportunities fearlessly when they arise.

Take this essence when you need encouragement to start a project, follow your truth, or take that step forward into the unknown.

The 32” Mercury Gong, made by the Paiste company, is attuned to communication and speed. Its sound is quite direct, cutting straight to the heart of any problem and bringing it to the surface to be resolved.

This can be a showy gong, with magnificent shimmering harmonics in the upper register, which cut through any dross and help the opening of the throat chakra. Mercury enables us to speak our truth and communicate clearly. It aids our self empowerment and self expression.

Take this essence when you need help with speaking out, have low self esteem, or feel disempowered. Especially recommended for those born under the astrological signs of Gemini and Virgo.

The 34” Harmony Gong is a Paiste Symphonic Gong with particular harmonizing qualities. It is both gentle and strong in its effect, and has a uniquely full tone which contains almost diatonic harmonies over the deep fundamental note. Its beautiful sounds harmonize and re-balance us, and leave us feeling connected to that deep peace within.

Use this essence if your being needs harmonizing and re-balancing.

The 38” Symphonic Heart Gong, made by the Paiste company, is attuned to the heart chakra. It has a full, warm, nurturing sound and always reminds us of coming home. This is the gong of Love – unconditionally and totally giving with no expectations.

If you lack love in your life, or habitually don’t give yourself the time and love you deserve, this is the essence for you.

The 60” Universal Gong was made by Master Gongmaker, Walter Meyer, some years ago for his own use, and was bought by Sheila directly from Walter in 2007. This gong is the inspiration that lead to the making of the Healing Sound Gong Essences! This is a remarkable healing instrument – completely Universal in its depth and presence – it takes care of everything and everyone within its huge range of healing sounds.

The sound is enormous, deep, spacey and amazing. This gong can take us out of the body, or soothe us like a little child. The Vach choir (celestial singing) effect is ever present.

This is an all-purpose essence, for when you just feel the need to be totally supported and held by the Universe, whatever the circumstances.

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