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Grover Triangle and Miller Machine

Grover Percussion


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This listing comes with a 9" Triangle, the Miller Machine, and a carrying bag for the Triangle. There is an option to add a chrome gong stand mount (pictured).

Note: Without the additional chrome mount in the main photo, the Triangle and Machine cannot mount to a gong stand. To include the chrome mount, select the option above.

The 9" Super Overtone Triangle from Grover Pro Percussion features great dynamic range and a broad swath of overtones. They have a long resonance with plenty of acoustic energy. Thin Kanigen plating allows a higher range of harmonics than standard chrome plating. It's also more durable and longer-lasting than the ordinary plating.

Paired with the triangle triggering machine from innovator Billy Miller, it is the perfect tool to add to your sound therapy toolkit or percussion collection. This fully-adjustable machine features a small beater which can be played by hand or with mallets, allowing freedom to play other instruments simultaneously.

Triangle: 9.5" (along each outer edge)
Machine Arm Length: 14"
Optional Stand Mount Length: 9"

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