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Imperfect 10" Golden Bao Gongs



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This listing includes one gong and a traditional Chinese mallet. Imperfect items come as is. We can't accept returns on this item, but you're getting a good deal on a great gong.

Note: The gong in the photo is not the exact item you will receive, but an example of what this size and style usually looks like. Please watch the video below to learn more about these gongs.

Bao Gongs, with their raised bump in the middle, known as a bell or nipple, is the Chinese version of other Southeast Asian gongs, those from Thailand, Vietnam and Java. The nipple, when struck, helps create a clear-tone. While Bao Gongs are not tuned, their notes are more obvious and clear than flat Chinese gongs.

The 10" Golden Bao Gong is a polished take on the Bao style. What is this bit of bronze? A bowl? Hat? A lost bit from one of Madonna's costumes? No, alas it is a lathed, polished Bao Gong, full of brightness and joy.

We have TWO of these Imperfect 10" Golden Bao Gongs that came to us with some markings and scratches on and around their nipples. Besides for this, these gongs still look and sound great, so we are offering them to you at a discount.

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