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Imperfect 10" Golden Thai Gong



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This listing comes with gong and mallet only. Imperfect items come as-is. We can't accept returns on this gong, but you're getting a good deal on a great gong.

Note: The gong in the photo isn't the exact gong you will receive but an example of how these usually look. See the video for details on this specific offer.

Directly imported from Thailand, Thai Golden Nipple Gongs are made of polished brass and shiny, shiny with clear tones for you who like to live golden. They are made by gong makers in Thailand for us. We are always working to get more here, because we need to dance, and gong, and sing and love, and be more than your summer fling!

This one came to us with some scuffs and blemishes on the face. It doesn't look perfect, but it sounds great, so we're offering it to you at a discount. If you're looking for a great, meditative, bell-like gong on a budget, this deal is for you!

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