Imperfect 16" Mother Tesla Gong on High C Stand



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This listing comes with a gong, stand and mallet. This is a one-of-a-kind listing. Once this item is sold, it is gone.

The Mother Tesla Gong is dark, with an emphasis on the fundamental note. It's unlathed, with a dark appearance to match its mid-range harmonics and overtones. This one has some imperfections, some visual blemishes, freckles if you will, but it sounds great! We're offering it at a discount just for you.

The High C Gong Stand is made especially for Gongs Unlimited, molded just for your 16" gong needs. It's easy to assemble and requires no tools.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Height: 25"
Width: 21"
Depth of Feet: 15"

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