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Imperfect 24" Interplanetary Yantra Gongs



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This listing includes the gong and a traditional gong mallet. Imperfect items come as is. We can't accept returns on this item, but you're getting a good deal on a great gong.

Note: The gong in the photo is not the exact item you will receive, but an example of what these gongs usually look like. Please watch the video below to see and hear more about this gong.

Imperfect 24" Interplanetary Yantra Gong (#GNX975)

Imperfect 24" Interplanetary Yantra Gong (#DKB724)

These beautifully engraved bronze gongs are hand-made in Nepal. Each gong presents a rich, complex fundamental tone with a bright, mysterious wash that wraps around you. The overall experience of this gong is mysterious and speculative.

Each gong has been engraved with the Sri Yantra pattern, surrounded by beautiful, ornate designs radiating outward. The Sri Yantra is composed of nine interlocking triangles framed by a square and a cross. The upward triangles represent the divine masculine, while the downward triangles represent divine feminine. Their interlocking nature represents the divine union, the balance of energies.

This gong came to us with a minor sonic imperfection known as a sizzle. These sizzles occur when small flakes of metal split away from the surface of the gong when the metal cools, causing a small rattle sound when hit with high energy. Besides for this, this gong still looks and sounds great, so we are offering it to you at a discount.

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