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Imperfect Large Thai Gongs



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This listing comes with a mallet. This is a one-of-a-kind special offer. It is available while inventory lasts. We can't accept returns on imperfect items, but you're getting a great deal. Choose between the available gongs in the drop-down box to see and hear each one.

Imperfect 32" Bodhicitta Gong (#09161) - Slightly Muted

Imperfect 32" Bodhicitta Gong (#09162) - Faint Sizzle

Imperfect 32" Bodhicittai Gong (#09163) - Rattle

Imperfect 32" Bodhicitta Gong (#08301) - Scratched Paint

Bodhicitta is translated to "Heart of the Enlightened Mind." It speaks of compassion. Not of compassion that seeks to alleviate suffering by addressing hunger, poverty or illness. Rather, it is compassion to end all suffering, connecting to the greater "Self".

Occasionally we receive gongs with minor imperfections. These range from chips and scratches in the paint and small dings in the metal to sizzles that arise from flakes of metal that separate from the rest of the gong. Listen to each gong in the videos above to see if one of these great deals is the one for you!

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