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Imperfect 32" Subatomic on an Astral Reflection Stand

Gongs Unlimited


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This listing comes with the gong and stand only. Imperfect items come as is. We can't accept returns on this item, but you're getting a good deal on a great gong and stand.

Note: The gong and stand in the photo isn't the exact gong and stand you'll receive, but an example of what these gongs usually look like.

The 32" Subatomic Gong (#072020B) helps you tap into something new. Made exclusively for Gongs Unlimited, our line of Subatomic Gongs is the perfect option for your collection of sound healing tools. A simple metaphor: Subatomics are to our Chau Gong as the black keys on a piano are to the white.

The Astral Reflection stand, This is a simple, no fuss, no frills stand. We like it for gongs 30 to 38 inches, though you can do 40 inchers in it too! It has wheels, perfect for wheeling your gongs from room to room. The polished finish allows you to see your best self while you create your beautiful healing sounds.

This gong came to us with a small sizzle we could not work out and the stand has a few visual imperfections. For these reasons we are offering them at a great price!

Stand Measurements:
Height: 51.25"
Width: 58.5"
Depth: 24"
Weight: 20 lbs

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