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Imperfect 36" Lunar Flare Gong on Lunaphonic B Stock Gong Stand (137)



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This listing comes with gong, stand and mallet. Imperfect items are offered as-is . We can't accept returns on them, but you're getting a great, one-of-a-kind deal!

The 36" Lunar Flare is a big, beautiful, powerful gong. It will start very deep, with expanding mid-range overtones building throughout to a complex crash at peak volume.

This one came to us with a sizzle, caused by a metal flake rattling against the face. Sometimes we can locate and repair these sizzles. Other times it is so minor and small that we can't find the source to repair it. In this case, it is only heard at a certain volume when one listens very closely.

We've paired this gong with one of our B-stock Lunaphonic Gong Stands which arrived to us with some minor visual blemishes. The stand is functional and great! The visual imperfections are minimal, and you're getting a big discount (while it lasts!)

Gong Stand Measurements:
Height: 55”
Width (Top): 49”
Width (Bottom): 54”
Depth of Feet: 21.5”

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