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Imperfect Unlimited Gong Backpacks



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This listing comes with one gong backpack. Imperfect items are offered as-is . We can't accept returns on them, but you're getting a great, one-of-a-kind deal!

There are times when you want to be able to carry your gong, stand, mojito, dog, vegan taco plate and bag of crystals all at once. But unlike some Hindu Gods and Goddesses, you have a maximum of two arms.

This is where our Unlimited Gong Backpacks come in!

Occasionally, we find bags with manufacturing defects in our inventory. We pull those babies out of the box and say "Not today!" and we put them in their own special zone, called the Imperfect Zone!

Our loss is your gain, because you get a great, discounted gong backpack. These specific bags had small holes or tears in seems of the exterior of the bag. The interior shell is still in tact and these bags could probably be fixed with a little stitchery skill.

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