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Blemished Lunaphonic Wood Gong Stands for 24" to 40" Gongs



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This stand includes a matching traditional Chinese gong mallet.

These Lunaphonic Gong Stands were not made to our standards. There are some gaps where the wood was glued together and there may be other small flaws. But they work. They will hold your gong and be a versatile stand for you.

The base of each vertical of the Lunaphonic Wood Gong Stand is moon shaped. Two half moons that equal a whole.

We cannot escape the influence of the Moon.Our lives are begot from the Sun, but our love grows through the Moon. She makes us scream and dance and fuck. She makes us sing and cry and caress. Our lunacies flow from her to us, and then back to her.

She hears the sounds, knows the music you will make with your gong. She will take this air and put it through the tides, let the crash of the waves be sparkled with the light of the sun, and then evaporate into our sky, and rain down later, thousands of miles away.

She is just playing with you. So, play with her.

Use the Lunaphonic Gong Stand. Pine wood keeps it light and portable. Design keeps it sturdy.

Unlimited Lunaphonic Wood Stand for 24" to 32" Gongs (Small)

Top Width: 39"
Foot Width: 43"
Height: 46.5"
Depth: 21.5"

Unlimited Lunaphonic Wood Stand for 32" to 40" Gongs (Large)

Top Width: 49"
Foot Width: 54"
Height: 55"
Depth: 21.5"

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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