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Jamey Haddad Hadphoon



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This listing comes with one Hadphoon only. The floor tom used in the video is not included.

Note: This item is unique. Only 100 of them were made. Once this item has sold, we will not be getting anymore. Get it while it lasts!

Jamey Haddad Hadphoon played on a 16" Ludwig Floor Tom

The Hadphoon is a unique percussion instrument, designed by legendary percussionist, Jamey Haddad. It creates great sounds on its own, but really shines bright when placed on top of drums, as it takes the qualities of whatever resonating chamber it is placed upon.

From Jamey Haddad on his musical creation, the Hadphoon:
"The Hadphoon is sort of indestructible. It can slip into your cymbal bag and without any set-up can offer some fun options whether you are playing drum set or percussion. It takes on a totally different sound depending on the host drum you place it on."

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