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Pair of Kolberg Gong Hammers with Aluminum Cores



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This listing is for two mallets.

Kolberg Gong Hammers with Aluminum Cores are a light and flexible pair designed to get your gong rolling like a river of sound. The core of the heads are made of aluminum with felt padding on either size. One side is covered in a hard felt layer and the other with a soft felt layer so that you can add different sonic layers in your gong playing. The ergonomically designed shaft is made of lacquered hornbeam.

These rollers are comparable to yarn wrapped mallets that have a hard core. They are recommended for Chinese gongs or sets of tuned gongs which are composed of thicker bronze. You can use these hammers on gongs made of nickel silver but with great sensitivity and awareness.

Approximate Measurements:
Head Width: 6 cm / 2.5"
Head Height: 3 cm / 1"
Length: 31 cm / 12"
Weight: 150 g / 5 oz

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