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Meinl Ceramic Ibo Drum



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This listing comes with one Ibo Drum and a foam padded base.

Udu Drums originated among the Igbo (Ibo) people of the South East of Nigeria. It is an ancient utility vessel that has evolved into a popular percussion instrument.

The ceramic body of this Ibo Drum causes a slight enhancement of the higher frequencies, with fat and powerful bass tones. These drums, evolved from the village communities, was used in music orchestras, accompanied female dancers, and in storytelling with songs.

These are great for the world or local percussionist looking to add a unique element to their sound. Add one to your sound therapy toolkit for a rhythmic element in your sound baths.

Drum Details:
• Size: Large
• Material: Ceramic
• Fat and powerful bass tones
• Resistand shell construction
• Built in microphone hole
• Colour: Red/Brown

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