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Meinl Gong Stand for up to 32" Gongs (TMGS) (Floor Model)



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This listing comes with the stand only. Floor model offers come as-is. We can't accept returns on this item, but you're getting a good deal on a great stand.

Note: The stand in the photo isn't the exact stand you'll receive, but an example of how these usually look.

The Meinl Gong Stand is heavy-duty and well-made. It's perfect for gongs up to and including 32". It doesn't make noise from the pieces banging against each other... but please remember to tighten the bolts firmly, Mr. and Mrs. Gong Player of Any Orchestra USA.

Via Meinl: "The Meinl Gong Stand is engineered in a strong frameless manner, in order for one to play a gong very easily. Furthermore the stand can be adjusted in height from a very low position up to a high position."

This specific stand was used by us as a floor model for photos and videos over the years. It's still in wonderful shape and works perfectly, but it has some chips in the finish. This doesn't affect the functionality of the stand, but because it doesn't look absolutely perfect, we're offering it at a discount!

Stand Measurements:
Width of Base: 32"
Depth of Feet: 25"
Adjustable Height: 45" - 75"

Here's a video explaining how to assemble your Meinl Gong Stand:

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