Mike Balter Traditional Gong Mallets

Mike Balter


The advantages of Mike Balter's Traditional Gong Mallets can be seen, heard, and felt. Mike Balter's name appears on each mallet as a guarantee of its exceptional craft. The traditional gong mallets easily meet and exceed the needs of the serious gong player incorporating large weighted heads on hard maple handles.



Mike Balter WG1 Mallet

This is an incredible mallet for a Wind Gong or similar thin-type gong. You get a snap-crack and a whiz-bang when you hit your gong with this Wind Gong Mallet that you don't get with a heavier mallet, and what that does is make a splashy gong like the Wind Gong really resonate.

Don't settle for just the basic white mallet, go with a percussion mallet designed especially for your gong.

Oh yeah. And it's a really cool shade of blue.

Total Length: 15.5”
Head Diameter: 2”

Mike Balter GM1 Mallet

Mike Balter. Who is he? And why does he make such damn good gong mallets?

I like to imagine he was a little tiny fairy who grew up playing the ear drums in a magical forest band, and one day decided to bless us humanfolk with mallets that were our size. 

Got a great gong? Get this great gong mallet!

Total Length: 17”
Head Diameter: 3.5”

Mike Balter GM2 Mallet

A medium gong mallet, a classic mallet.

You get the weight to really make your gong blast, but you also get the lightness and flexibility to get subtlety from your musical metal too.

Ah Mike Balter, you and your mallets! You make us a kitten and your mallet heads are a yarn ball.

Sweet hardwood handle. Inner strength and nice yarn on top.

Mike Balter wants you to love his mallet.


And by that we mean in a dark cave with shadows not telling you the truth.

Total Length: 17”
Head Diameter: 3.5”

Mike Balter GM3 Mallet

This is one of our favorite gong mallets for those medium to large gongs, like 22" all the way to 32". The yarn wrapping is hard, so you can tap lightly the gong and get clear solid tones.

It is also small enough that it is light in your hands, and angled enough for detailed playing.

The Grey Goose is a name that may be used for Vodka, but we don't drink it. We get happy and warm playing gongs with our Grey Goose!

Total Length: 15.5”
Head Diameter: 3”

Pair of Mike Balter GM4 Mallets

Yes, these are two mallets for rolling! You can order these mallets, and love them on your gong.

These mallets have a shorter handle than other Mike Balter mallets, which makes them better rollers!

Great for Chinese gongs 28 inches and above!

Total Length: 14”
Head Diameter: 3”

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