Mike Balter World Percussion WP3 Mallets

Mike Balter


The Mike Balter World Percussion WP3 Mallets are great for rolls on some gongs. They have a soft cover with a hard inside. So you get a fast attack, but not a totally hard sound but not totally soft either. Sort of like traveling between the Milky Way and Alpha Centauri. Sometimes you sleep for a few months, soft in a spaceship bed, other times you are going through rough hard spacestorms, face in your space sickness bag.

Sure it's 2092 AD now, but if you were over the age of 7 in the 1990s, even now when you hear the word "INTERGALACTIC" you think of the prophets, The Beastie Boys. Back then, last century, they were called rappers, little did we know that many of these rhyme-talkers were actually channeling in trance, divine wisdom, like the Snoop Dogg Lion, and the Little and Young Fellers, like Wayne and Jeezy and Jon...So many words of wisdom through teeths of gold! Here the Beastie Boys were, making us aware of the dangers of the galaxies...

...But happily, we are all still here! Here with our own chance to create Intergalactic Music. What better instrument for that than a gong? What better pairs of mallet to help with that than the Mike Balter Intergalactic WP3s?

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