Nepalese Gongs



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Each gong comes with a gong mallet.

Our gongs below have Buddhist symbols, Hindu Prayer Snippets and just Nepalese designs, that are hammered and etched by craftsmen who live in the blur that is the beginning of the 21st Century using techniques that have been around for centuries, making items that create if you allow them, a sense of timelessness, which allows you to create a greater future OF LOVE.



11" - 12" Nepalese Gongs

The etchings on each of these gongs are done by hand by Nepalese craftsmen. No two of them look alike. No two of the gongs sound exactly alike either.

The etchings can be of various Buddhist symbols or designs.

As they are all handmade using a simple metal used for bells, you get a clean tone, with a decent amount of sustain. They are not regular bronze, like Chinese gongs.

The 18" Gongdala Gong has a mandala design in the center, and surrounding it a mantra inspired by the Vedas that calls for inner silence and peace and unity throughout the manifest word.

Meditate on that when you play this gong.

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