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Ocean Drums from the Mountains of Nepal



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The ocean covers 71% of our planet.

It is formidable in its vastness, and mysterious in that much - despite James Cameron - unexplored. It holds countless species that have yet to be discovered. The waves when mellow can be instantly grounding for a person wishing to feel in touch with their environment, a relaxing bond is formed between human and nature. When violent, the waves inspire feelings of awe and terror and are a reminder of the ways of the planet and the power it holds over us.

For those who are landlocked, or those who can't get enough of our giant water, the Ocean Drum is a cheaper alternative than a week-long seaside vacation. Ocean drums are filled with ball bearings, when tilted the bearings roll together from one end of the drum to the other recreating the soft crash of the tide.

Made by Nepalese craftsmen, this unique instrument features a hand-painted designs on high-quality leather. The resonance when struck is an enlightenment in itself, reminding the listener that life exists both in and outside themselves, and is worth exploring.

Height: 16"
Width: 15"
Depth: 1"

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