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Om Mani Padme Hum Gongs



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Each gong comes with a gong mallet.

On the face of Om Mani Pamde Hum Gongs, artisans have etched the Om Mantra. This mantra invokes the embodiment of compassion.

Meditate on that when you play these gongs.

We're in the process of making a great sample video to illustrate this size and type of gong. If you are interested in purchasing this gong, but need to hear it first, please contact us here and we can create a quick video for you. Or listen to a recording of the 18" - 19" Gongdala Gong that is no longer available. Keep in mind the Gongdala gongs were different, and will not sound exactly the same...but as a Nepalese gong, it is similar to these gongs.

Check out these photos from our customer Lévy of their gong in action on a custom gong stand, surrounded by beautiful nature:

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