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Paiste 24" Symphonic Tai Loi (B Stock)



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This listing comes with gong only. Special B stock offers like this one come as-is. We can't accept returns on them, but you're getting a great, one-of-a-kind deal!

B Stock Details: This specific Symphonic Gong came to us with some minor visual issues. When we received it and opened the box to check it, we found scratches on the center of the gong and a logo that isn't perfect. The gong still sounds great, but it doesn't look 100% perfect, so we've discounted it just for you.

Note: The gong in the photo is not the exact gong you will receive, but an example of what a Paiste Symphonic gong usually looks like. See the video for specific details on this gong.

24" Symphonic Tai Loi Gong (#ETP272)

Back a few decades ago, Paiste made many of their gongs with the traditional Chinese Tai Loi Symbols, which can be translated to English as "The Bad will depart, the Good shall arrive" or more simply, "Happiness Has Arrived." The Paiste Symphonic gong is Paiste's classic take on the traditional gong. These gongs are not tuned, they have a slightly raised surface giving them a harmonic and universal sound structure.

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