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Paiste 30" Brilliant Symphonic Gong (B Stock)



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This listing does not include a gong mallet.

Please Note: This gong is being offered at a special price for minor cosmetic reasons. The light green haze that has formed on the surface of this gong is a natural reaction with the copper element of the bronze alloy it is made of. It is a light oxidization that forms when a raw bronze surface is exposed to moisture, or moisture rich humid atmospheres. When the moisture wrapping the naked surface of the bronze drys, a thin oxidization blanket kisses the gong's metal surface leaving the light green color. The oxidation offers just a glazing hint of green color, it does not in anyway change the gong or any sonic resonance properties of the gong. Please watch the video below for more details about this gong.

We recommend purchasing an M5 Paiste Gong Mallet for this gong!

You can find them in our Paiste Mallet Section.

Hear how bright your soul really is with a 30" Paiste Brilliant Symphonic Gong.

Shiny and expressive in a slightly different manner than traditional Paiste Symphonic Gongs. The Symphonic Brilliant Gongs are identical in construction to the Symphonic Gongs but are laboriously hand polished to achieve their distinctive mirror-like look.

The sound of the Brilliant models differs slightly from the regular Symphonic Gongs. They build up their overtone structure slightly more rapidly, and sometimes you feel the mid-range become a wash a little faster.

At 30", the Brilliant Gong is a feisty critter. Deeper than you think and more subtle that a gong coated in chrome should be.

We are impressed. Play it delicately, play it with some attack: either way it is a gong to impress.

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