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Paiste 32" Symphonic Brilliant (B Stock)



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This listing comes with gong only. Special B stock offers like this one come as-is. We can't accept returns on them, but you're getting a great, one-of-a-kind deal!

B Stock Details:This specific Brilliant Gong came to us with some minor visual issues. When we received it and opened the box to check it, we found a few scratches. The gong still sounds great, but it doesn't look 100% perfect, so we've discounted it just for you.

Note: The gong in the photo is not the exact gong you will receive, but an example of what a Paiste Symphonic Brilliant gong usually looks like. See the video for specific details on this gong.

The 32" Paiste Brilliant Symphonic Gong (#CUB798)

This is a joyous gong, its flavor darker, more mysterious than the regular symphonic gongs at times. Crashier and splashier at other times.

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