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Paiste Cymbal Cleaner (AC29001)



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Cleaning Note: This is a STRONG CLEANER. Do NOT use it on lightly dirty Paiste Gongs. DO NOT, okay? Only use it on REALLY dirty Paiste Gongs. This is for the ones you bought off Craigslist or ebay that are really gross.

DO NOT use it on the dark ring on the outside or center bullseye, unless you have to, as it will discolor these parts and the rainbow effects of heating. Use it on the shiny part and you will shine it right up.

This is great cleaner for Bronze Chinese Gongs. Why? Because they are similar to the Bronze in Cymbals. We have used it, and continue to use it a lot on our Chinese Gongs before we ship them out to our fine customers! This has enough to last a while. You can clean much more than one medium sized gong.

From Paiste on Gong Care: "Gongs should be cleaned from time to time. Dirt, which builds up during set-up, playing and transporting, acts on the gong like a damper and inhibits its natural vibration.

"Each Paiste Gong has a wax coating to guard against oxidizing and dirt build-up. During cleaning the wax coat is gradually removed and has to be replaced.

"For cleaning, do not use grainy or acidic cleaning agents, as well as ones containing ammonia. Cleaning and waxing of the gong should always be done in the direction of the shaving (if present) on the gong surface and only with slight pressure. Use colorless and soft cloth.

"Apply the cleaning agent to the cloth and clean the gong. Rub off any remaining cleaning fluid with two or three more pieces of cloth. Then apply a wax coat. Best suited is a fluid clear wax, such as is usually sold for cleaning and protecting wooden surfaces."

Check out our video detailing the best way to clean your gongs:

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