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Paiste Floor "C" Stand for 32" Gongs - Returned



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This listing includes one Paiste Floor Gong Stand.

Note: This stand is being offered at a special price for minor cosmetic reasons. Please watch the video below to learn more about this stand.

The Paiste Floor "C" Gong Stand is made from forged iron, it is nice and heavy. It ain't no hollow steel tubing. The metal is twisted into an aesthetic design. Because it is iron, its feet can be shorter in depth while still providing the same support as the other, larger stands.

This is the gong stand preferred by many yoga teachers! You can sit and play the gong while easing your students into meditative calm.

Paiste Floor "C" Stand for 32" Gongs Measurements:
Height: 42"
Width: 34"
Depth of Feet: 12"

Are you going places with your new gong stand? Would you like an easy way to casually carry it around? The 40" Unlimited Gong Bag works perfectly. Just remember to turn the feet around.

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