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Paiste Square Stand for 32" to 34" Gongs (Special Offer)



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This listing comes with stand only. Special offers come as-is. We can't accept returns on this stand, but you're getting a good deal on a great item.

Note: The stand in the photo isn't the exact stand you'll receive, but an example of how these usually look.

The Paiste Square Orchestra Gong Stand is a classic style from a classic gong maker, Paiste. Yes, these Paiste Gong Stands come apart for easy carrying. They are also adjustable in height.

Made from Steel, "Paisteel", we like to call it. And then with thick, heat-sealed paint, these gong stands are like an old school BMW on the Autobahn, or Rodin's Thinker thinking out loud about where Nietzsche got so misunderstood, and how Ayn Rand got turned into a Calder mobile for infantile libertarians.

This specific stand was used as a floor model. Because of this, there are some scuffs and scratches in the paint finish. It still works great, but because it doesn't look perfect, we're offering it to you at a discount! If you're looking for a great gong stand for sound therapy and healing at a discount, this is the deal for you.

Stand Measurements:
Height: 45" to 82"
Width: 42"

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