Ryan Shelledy 22" Etheric Earth Gong

Ryan Shelledy


This gong comes with a traditional Chinese mallet, not the one in the video.

When we think of Earth, most of us think of her physical body, the body which we live on, or we think of her as a nurturing spirit, as "Mother Earth."

Just like how we often think of ourselves as just spirit and physical body as well. But suppose you think of all the bodies that you created to get from bright pure spiritual light to physical plane? Your mental bodies, astral bodies, and the one most close to the physical - your etheric body.

The Ryan Shelledy Etheric Earth gong is in the realm of what we know as a gong genre, the Sound Creation Earth Gongs, but it is a bit lighter (smaller in size as well). So while the larger heavier gongs of this style go through the body to heal the mind, the Etheric Earth can go through the lighter Etheric Body to heal the mind. Zippy!

A perfect complement to larger gongs or a set of singing bowls.

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