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Sacred Forest Celtic Moon Crystal Harp

Sacred Forest


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This listing includes the Crystal Harp, two mallets, folding stand, and a padded carrying case.

Made by artisans in Poland, the Sacred Forest Celtic Moon Crystal Harp is a beautiful and harmonious sounding instrument that produces deep, resonant vibrations. Use this instrument to ground and connect with your feelings and nature for further exploration of human depth.

The pure quartz crystal tubes of the Celtic Moon Crystal Harp are attached to an acrylic body, making this ethereal instrument completely transparent. They are tuned according to the A=432 Hz tuning standard in order to be closer to the natural rhythms and proportions of nature, as outlined by Pythagoras.

Crystal Harp Notes: D5 - E5 - F5 - G5 - A5 - C6 - D6 - E6

Playing the harp:
The harp can be held in the hand using the central handle or it can be placed on the stand. You can play the harp in several ways; hitting it with the included mallets or gently with your fingers. You can also get a completely different acoustic effect when you rub the quartz tubes with wet hands. By moving the harp side to side as you play, you let the sounds into additional modulation.

Permeate and fill your surrounding space with pure pulsating vibrations of light and love. Add this beautiful Crystal Harp to your sound healing toolkit today and begin a deep dive into human emotion.

Harp Measurements:
Length: 20" / 51 cm
Width: 20" / 51 cm

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