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Set of Three Gongs - Unlimited 15" White, 18" Atlantis, and 22" Eventual Horizon



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This listing comes with one Unlimited 15" White Gong, one 18" Atlantis Gong, one 22" Eventual Horizon Gong, and a Chinese gong mallet.

Note: This set is unique. Once it sells, we won't have another exactly like it, so check our collection for more. The photos aren't the exact gongs you'll receive, but very good examples of how they will look. See the video for details.

One gong is great, but how about two gongs? Or even three gongs?! And what if we listened to all of our big, beautiful gongs and hand-picked three that sound perfect together? You say that sounds exciting? Great! Because that's exactly what we did. Each of these gongs sound amazing on their own but they sound even better together.

Our 15" White Gong has a rim like the traditional Chau Gong, but it's lathed like a Wind Gong, giving it qualities of both. The rim helps to contain some of the crash, adding clarity and a bell-like quality the sound. The lathing opens the harmonics and adds brightness to the slightly contained crash. 

Our 18" Atlantis Gong has a raw look to it. It's created by mixing the bronze with salt water during the casting process. This gong is fully unlathed, which gives it a dark overall sound. The experimental metallurgy adds a mystical, random quality to the harmonics and overtones hidden through the face of this colorful gong.  

Our 22" Eventual Horizon Gong takes the traditional Chau Gong concept and adds an additional lathed and unlathed band to the face. This creates more complexity to the overall sound and allows for experimentation by tapping on different parts of the face to find harmonic chords.

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