Shelledy 32" Cool Magma Gong

Ryan Shelledy


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This listing does not include a mallet.

This gorgeous 32" Cool Magma Gong, made from Nickel Silver, was handcrafted by Ryan Shelledy in the middle of America, when no one was watching.

Like magma rising up from the earth's core and erupting with power this gong calls forth the energy of the earth's core to wash over you in a cool waves of peace.

In the style of what is know as the "Sound Creation - Earth" that is made by both Paiste and Oetken gongs, Ryan brings his own signature style to it.

These gongs are about tone and mood and feeling, creating the concept of being surrounded by Earth, like in a cave or soothing mud bath. The many hammerings keep the sound from being stuck in one fundamental or area, they do a lot of the work for you.

Deep and the shimmery splinters of sound sparkle out, hugging your aura and providing sonic embrace.

Imagine yourself being able to play in gorgeous volcanic lava, but it not burning you. That is this gong. It is Cool Magma!

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