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Slightly Imperfect 38" Flatlander Wind Gong



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This listing comes with gong and mallet. Imperfect items are offered as-is . We can't accept returns on them, but you're getting a great, one-of-a-kind deal!

The 38" Wind gong is a big, powerful gong. It has the appearance of a giant golden coin. It starts deep and builds to a big whooshing roar.

Wind gongs, though mostly flat, typically have a slight convexity to their face, with the heart of the gong rising about an inch or two from the rim when laid flat.

Sometimes sad happenings occur in shipping. In this case, the gong became very flat, flatter than usual. And that makes Andrew very sad. It's okay to be sad, Andrew.

But it still has a big (and unique) sound. So we're giving you a discount on this big, flat beauty. Let it guide you as it passes through the 3rd dimension, as you pass through the 4th dimension. Those things make Andrew joyful!

Listen to the gong in the video above and decide if this is the hot deal for you.

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