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Steve Hubback Spinning Conch

Steve Hubback


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This listing comes with one of our Unlimited Space Grapes mallets and one Unlimited Chinese mallet.

25 cm / 10" Conch (#012720E)

Steve Hubback's Spinning Conches are equal parts sculpture and instrument, blending artistic aesthetics and musical function. Made from B8 Bronze alloy, they are similar to a small gong in tone and function. They present a clear bell-like tone when tapped and a wobbly tremolo effect when spun.

Take it from a Steve Hubback customer and fan:

"...When I heard the spinning conch gong I already owned over a dozen original pieces but I simply had to invest. I bought two of these in different keys. They sound incredible on their own but together they form a complex soundscape. They have become my most treasured pieces and I work with them at every opportunity.

My advice to anyone considering a purchase is get them whilst you can! These pieces are not only aesthetically beautiful but incredibly tuned and crafted." -Aaron, 2019

Add these unique instruments into your sound therapy toolkit to bring a unique and meditative element to your collection of sounds. Welcome the speculation and mystery of the ocean into your home or studio, like putting your ear up to a shell, listen for the rhythm of the ocean.

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